Our Business

Beyond Investment?

The First Brothers Group provides investment services
satisfying the varied needs of clients with a flexible mindset not bound by the status quo in accordance
with our corporate philosophy that calls on us to be “leading professionals.”

Investment management business

The core business of our group involves accepting deposits of funds from our clients, and establishing and managing private funds where real estate is the key target of investments.

  • Asset Management Opreration We offer real estate investment (ranging from JPY 1bn to JPY 100bn) services including fund origination, asset acquisition, management and disposition through swiftly and precisely responding to our clients’ needs.
  • Real Estate Advisory Opreration Our experienced professionals offer various real estate investment solutions for our clients.
  • Development and Operation of Commercial Facilities We develop and manage various commercial assets varying in size, location, and in characteristics in order to revitalize both the asset and the community as a whole.

Investment banking business

We invest our group’s funds (own accounts) and issue advisory services that incorporate the knowledge of our experts.

  • Co-investments in Funds We participate in co-investments along with our clients. The structure of co-investments allow for the generation of higher potential income as a result of mutually bearing the risks with our clients.
  • Real Estate Investments We engage in proprietary real estate investments in order to secure and stabilize our income source. These assets are properties that are expected to have long-term cash flows. We are currently investing in offices, residences, and commercial assets.
  • Other Investments We engage in alternative investments such as venture capitals, debts, and private equities, in order to diversify our investments to stabilize our income.
  • Corporate Advisories We offer corporate advisory services based on our rich background in law, accounting, and taxation. We hope to provide various solution to increase the corporate value of our clients.